Artists of O

ALAIN BONNAND As we enter 2023 I am pleased to chalk up this 92nd 'O-Blog' with an addition to my recurring theme, "Artists of O". Over the past six years I have identified and highlighted over twenty artists/ illustrators and photographers who have applied their skills to representing themes from Histoire d'O. I combined this … Continue reading Artists of O

The Woman Who Interviewed ‘O’

Régine Deforges: the Woman Who Battled the Censors Régine Deforges and Dominique Aury Hans-Jurgen Dopp has written, “Sexuality and eroticism are, just like the unconscious mind of every individual, something we have in common, and something that binds us together. – This is the root of the universality of erotic art.”The first modern source of … Continue reading The Woman Who Interviewed ‘O’

Histoire d’O, Alchemy, & Autumn in Paris

Abandoned By Her “God” In the Dark Night When you advance into my nightYou are not you, I am otherThis other knows not who I amYou know not that I am your own ( part of Les Eaux Noires by Dominique Aury ) There is a darkness in the poems of Dominique Aury (see my … Continue reading Histoire d’O, Alchemy, & Autumn in Paris

Emmanuelle on ‘Story of O’

“Without the ‘Story of O’ ‘Emmanuelle’ would neverhave seen the light of day”- Emmanuelle Arsan Babelio ‘reader’ LIVRECOEUR wrote earlier this year, “Today, when we talk about eroticism in literature, we immediately think of the erotic novel by EL James: “ Fifty Shades of Grey ”. The British novelist's trilogy was so successful that it … Continue reading Emmanuelle on ‘Story of O’

The outstanding ‘Story of O’ paintings by Stefan Prince

"Stefan Prince. born 1952. Artist of many years experience concentrating on erotic images of a Sadeian nature, colourful and dynamic, suggestive and sometimes explicit, reflecting such themes as Story of O and The Image. His paintings have been exhibited at Erotica, Skin Two Expo and in several galleries in London including the Bargehouse for Erotic … Continue reading The outstanding ‘Story of O’ paintings by Stefan Prince

X-Files: Another Dip into my ‘O’ Files

The 'irons' "swung back and forth between her legs like the clapper of a bell." “But aren’t you by now fully aware of what Sir Stephen wants? Anyone at Roissy or anywhere else, Sir Stephen or anyone else, even you in front of the mirror, anyone who lifts your skirts will immediately see his rings … Continue reading X-Files: Another Dip into my ‘O’ Files

More from my Story of O scrapbook

Two paintings on a theme of 'Story of O' (Stefan's studio) Pénélope Puymirat appears as 'O' in Pola Rapaport's 'Writer of O' (2004) Pola Rapaport, “Reading Story of O felt like being burned in a fire.” OOO The Chequered Floor: Film director Just Jaeckin made much of the chequered floor in the first part of … Continue reading More from my Story of O scrapbook

“Her lover one day takes O for a walk…” – In Search of O

“An image of leisure stretches out on lawns, sits at the foot of trees. It is almost as though man has rediscovered, through the mirage of fountains and little gravel paths, the legendary paradise he has never wholly forgotten.” Louis Arragon, Paysan de Paris (1926) Parisians love their public gardens and take full advantage of … Continue reading “Her lover one day takes O for a walk…” – In Search of O

PARIS: In Search of ‘O’

PARIS: A Walk Around Histoire d'O Every city tempts its visitors with a variety of facts and fancies – no more so than Paris, which wears its history on its sleeve, so to speak. Parks and gardens are festooned with aging sculptures, restaurants boast of past celebrity customers, and the little booksellers (the Bouquinistes) along … Continue reading PARIS: In Search of ‘O’


LONELY CAPTIVE OR BEAUTIFUL SLAVE GIRL? In these times of the digital-download, are we all reading from the same page?Story of O or The Story of O (often the definitive article enforces itself), is THE BDSM novel with a metafictional streak (the novel has two alternative beginnings and endings), penned by a mysterious French woman … Continue reading LONELY CAPTIVE OR BEAUTIFUL SLAVE GIRL?