Blogging “O”:

Margaret Drabble: "The most erotic book I ever read was an anonymous novel called L'Histoire d'O, which I think was by a woman called Pauline Réage. It was a sado-masochistic romp and I was given a copy in France in the 1960s when it was probably illegal in England." I am reminded that Histoire d'O … Continue reading Blogging “O”:


Lars von Trier’s “O”

It is said Lars von Trier's oblique contribution to the STORY OF O culture, forecasts in many ways, the "women in peril" films that he'd start making in the 1990s. Inspired by Dominique Aury's Histoire d'O, Menthe - la bienheureuse (1979) tells the story of a voluntary female submission. "But," writes Swedish commentator Ulf Kjell Gür, "it also draws on the narrative … Continue reading Lars von Trier’s “O”

From RUSSIA with Love

Moscow based artist Valeria Kemnits has permitted me to reproduce her rather lovely illustrations to Story of O. They have an unmistakably fairy tale style in keeping with how Pauline Réage (Dominique Aury, - born Anne Desclos) described her novel Histoire d'O: "Story of O is a fairy tale for another world, a world where some part … Continue reading From RUSSIA with Love


Histoire d'O by Pauline Réage with a foreword by Jean Paulhan, was initially published in an edition of 600 copies by Jean-Jacques Pauvert and appeared in Paris in June 1954. Some copies - nobody seems to know how many - carried a small engraving by German artist Hans Bellmer on the title page. Happy is the man … Continue reading ‘O’ RARE & MUCH SOUGHT-AFTER