From RUSSIA with Love

Moscow based artist Valeria Kemnits has permitted me to reproduce her rather lovely illustrations to Story of O.
10515359_655048541238069_5132477605847519790_o (2)
They have an unmistakably fairy tale style in keeping with how Pauline Réage (Dominique Aury, – born Anne Desclos) described her novel Histoire d’O:
“Story of O is a fairy tale for another world, a world where some part of me lived for a long time, a world that no longer exists except between the covers of a book.”
Valeria, a graduate of Moscow Folk Arts Higher School and Stroganov Moscow State University of Industrial And Applied Arts, tells me; “I chose this book for my diploma work because it’s kind of fairy tale, – a little bit. Unfortunately they were not published. That’s my big dream…”istoriya_O.indd

“I chose this book for my diploma work because it’s kind of fairy tale…”

Screenshot (451)

Screenshot (446)
Since beginning her career in the late 1990s Valeria has exhibited widely. Soon after graduating in 2004 she exhibited in Sweden with over thirty works sold by auction, at the JFC cultural center in Stockholm. Exhibitions followed in Moscow (including «Hansa: Dream of time» at the Moscow House of Nationality) and in Sorrento, Italy.
Screenshot (448)
Screenshot (450)
Screenshot (449)Screenshot (447)
In recent times Valeria has turned her attention to interpreting the music of Metallica about which she maintains;13043401_994350610641192_7344386206319378298_n (2)
“Everything is there: suffering and hope, pain and happiness, love and hate, life and death, anger and serenity…”

All images © Valeria Kemnits

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