The Gothic Element in Story of O: Roissy

"books are full of summonses. Of these some are constantly heard, others once only... all our secrets lie there." Dominique Aury: Literary Landfalls O in the garden at Roissy, as portrayed in the 1975 film Histoire d'O. "The unfortunate, persecuted maiden! The subject is as old as the world..." Mario Praz The Romantic Agony It is … Continue reading The Gothic Element in Story of O: Roissy



O嬢の物語 A Japanese“Miss O” KANEKO Kuniyoshi, was a Japanese painter, illustrator and photographer, perhaps best known for his paintings and drawings of women in bondage and his illustrations for a Japanese edition of Louis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland. He was one of the most beloved and respected surrealist painters of Japan and sadly died of heart … Continue reading ARTISTS OF “O” #4