Reading ‘Story of O’: Make mine a Flat White…


Reading ‘Story of O’, “the reader is immersed in a confessional of desire”, writes blogger Heidi Coon. And how might that immersion be attained? In the bath? outside a coffee bar? In the busyness of Paris? By the pool? In your bed socks, or in bed with your pet cat?…

Instagram reveals all the aforementioned and more. With all due respect I feature the readers of ‘O’ in this pictorial celebration: ‘Reading STORY OF O’.

“50 Shades of Grey doesn’t even compare. I can’t believe I found it. I hit the book Thrifting gold mine!”


“Story of O has stuck with me. It’s terrifying yet beautiful, and I think it takes a fall down a dark dark rabbit hole to appreciate it and to see how fascinating it is.”

“Holy Heck!” (reader’s reaction)


 “Filthy Sunday reading- a zillion times better than 50 Shades” (O reader)

“Please no Fifty Shades of Grey but Histoire d’O ….. Or just read Justine by Sade.”


“I remember being grounded for owning this at
like 12 years old.
Love that it was written by a woman, too.”

“- hands down one of the best pieces of literature -”

– O O O –


© the above ‘O’ readers on Instagram







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