ARTISTS of ‘O’ #8: Lynn Paula Russell

  Alea iacta est (The die is cast) For Lynn Paula Russell (you may know her as Paula Meadows, spanking-movie star and artist extraordinaire) the erotic novel 'Story of O' marked the beginning of a journey. It was her epiphany. The starting point for her very own sexual odyssey. “The woman I am now is … Continue reading ARTISTS of ‘O’ #8: Lynn Paula Russell


Sir Stephen’s Melancholic “China Doll”

Oddness abounds in Shūji Terayama's Les Fruits de la Passion (1981), sometimes called 'The Story of O-Pt.2' - "Like Magritte let loose in Wonderland," wrote Nigel Andrews in the Financial Times. The result perhaps, one blogger has imagined, of “Oshima & Borowczyk working together after their notorious years at Argo Films and still there”. The film … Continue reading Sir Stephen’s Melancholic “China Doll”