Seeking Sir Stephen

A Fondness For Habits & Ritual In her veiled and beautifully written confession A Girl in Love, published as an introductory essay to Retour à Roissy (Story of O Part Two) Dominique Aury, writing as Pauline Réage, identified the origins of her cast of characters. René was “the vestige of an adolescent love”. As was … Continue reading Seeking Sir Stephen


O is for Opulance: the ‘Story of O’ (1975) Movie

"My obsession. My illogical and unconditional love. My jewel of French cinema." Disparaging remarks about Just Jaeckin's 1975 feature film Histoire d'O (Story of O) are today common place. One is used to reading about how the film veers away a little too much from the novel, how ridiculous the men's clothing appears to us … Continue reading O is for Opulance: the ‘Story of O’ (1975) Movie