4 MORE “Artists of O”…

Colette was standing over her, astride her at the level of her waist, and in the bridge formed by her dark legs, O could see the tassels of the whip she was holding in her hand. As the first blows burned into her loins, O moaned. Colette alternated from left to right, paused, then started … Continue reading 4 MORE “Artists of O”…


The ‘Story of O’ as Fairy Tale

“What I have read so far in your story of O is the most fiercely intense love-letter a man could ever hope to receive. It’s also a fairy tale, for adults – a dream.” (the voice of Sir Stephen at the beginning of each episode of Story of O – the Series (1995) directed by … Continue reading The ‘Story of O’ as Fairy Tale

SAD LOSS: China Hamilton/ photographer

"EROTIC ART EXPLORES THINGS THAT ARE TABOO !" "moody dramatic-over-the edge pictures... A world misunderstood, a world to be discovered." Secret Magazine – Jurgen Boedt, Editor It was with sadness that I discovered my good friend China Hamilton died this week when illness got the better of him. Many people will miss this generous and … Continue reading SAD LOSS: China Hamilton/ photographer

Story of O & the Surrealist Owl Mask

"This soul arrived on earth, darkened the uncertain evening; She entered the dark mystery That the shadow calls his destiny” Victor Hugo 'The Owl' It is not surprising the women artists of the surrealist movement favoured the owl and the owl mask in their paintings. The owl easily becomes a symbol of the feminine related … Continue reading Story of O & the Surrealist Owl Mask

Léonor Fini: O-Artist no.11/ Her Owl Mask Inspired ‘Story of O’…

There was a time when few people of my acquaintance had heard of the artist Léonor Fini. This was despite the fact her work appeared in most anthologies of erotic art. Peter Webb attempted to change the situation with his exemplary Sphinx, The Life and art of Léonor Fini, a long held ambition realized and … Continue reading Léonor Fini: O-Artist no.11/ Her Owl Mask Inspired ‘Story of O’…

The Story of O: The Manuscript

“You’ve never tied her up?” “No, never.” “And never whipped her?” “No, never whipped her either. But as a matter of fact…” It was her lover speaking. “As a matter of fact,” the other voice went on, “if you do tie her up from time to time, or whip her just a little, and she … Continue reading The Story of O: The Manuscript

Seeking Sir Stephen

A Fondness For Habits & Ritual In her veiled and beautifully written confession A Girl in Love, published as an introductory essay to Retour à Roissy (Story of O Part Two) Dominique Aury, writing as Pauline Réage, identified the origins of her cast of characters. René was “the vestige of an adolescent love”. As was … Continue reading Seeking Sir Stephen

O is for Opulance: the ‘Story of O’ (1975) Movie

"My obsession. My illogical and unconditional love. My jewel of French cinema." Disparaging remarks about Just Jaeckin's 1975 feature film Histoire d'O (Story of O) are today common place. One is used to reading about how the film veers away a little too much from the novel, how ridiculous the men's clothing appears to us … Continue reading O is for Opulance: the ‘Story of O’ (1975) Movie

Story of O: the ‘O’ Ring

 JE LIEBER JE LANGER The literal translation of the German phrase "je lieber je langer" is "the better the longer" In her poem which begins ‘Even long after my death’ Maria Martins (1900-1973), the vivacious wife of the Brazilian ambassador to the United States who was known to others as simply ‘Maria’ the surrealist sculptor … Continue reading Story of O: the ‘O’ Ring

ARTISTS of ‘O’ #10

"I seek to build a serene and peaceful world full of fulfilled dreams" - Françoise Muller French artist Françoise Muller illustrated Histoire d’O for Éditions Famot, a Swiss publishing house located in Geneva , created by Jean-Pierre Mouchard. Her illustrations for 'O' are little gems. Born in Strasbourg in 1949, Muller has describes her work as, "all about the continuing desire … Continue reading ARTISTS of ‘O’ #10